Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gingerbread Village Revisisted - The Finished Product


Remember when I went to see Head Pastry Chef Joe Hickel and licked looked at his Gingerbread Village?  I thought I'd show you what it tastes looks like now.
You can see it live on their website at http://captaincookchristmas.com if you want.  You can even email him at chefjoe@captaincookchristmas.com.

This is the waterwheel house.  Doesn't it look cool?  I even licked cleaned up a little from the edge for him.  Yummy.

Mom says that's the Barker's family fixing up wagon wheels.  I listened but I didn't hear anybody bark.

                                                 Boy, Mr. Specking sure is busy.

                          Oh no, the cops are telling Santa he can't park here.  Grrrrr....  

                                        Looks like Mr. Scrooge is having a party.

                        Lots of little houses all over.  All the little people got to have a place to live!

                                       There's even a mountainside in the back.

       There's little people ice skating here.  The ice tastes like hard candy.  Trust me.  I know.  It's yummy.

This is the Karl Eid and Wally Hickel house.  Karl Eid was Chef Joe's mentor and Wally Hickel was Chef Joe's daddy.  Chef Joe says they're both in heaven now.  I think they live in the house.  I would.

This is Head Pastry Chef Joe Hickel.  He was happy when he got the Gingerbread Village done.  He works for three months getting everything ready and then starts building it in November.  Then it takes him about ten days or more to put it all together.  The whole lobby smells like gingerbread, chocolate and icing.  It's a yummy place to be.  Thanks for visiting and Merry Christmas!


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