Friday, November 19, 2010

Passing it on for folks near West Virginia...she is a cutie!

WV, Princeton: "Missy", Blind Heeler Puppy

Age: ~10-12 weeks old
She came into our shelter about a week and a half ago, a man found her sitting in the middle of the road one night. I took her to the vet because she was having seizures and he said she was running into walls. The vet thinks maybe she had some head trauma from being in the road, and she hasn't had a seizure since. She is adapting well to being blind, being very playful and starting to use her other senses. She is VERY healthy, has already grown like a weed! She has had her first vaccination and has been wormed. I am fostering her, but I have 7 other fosters, so I'm a little overloaded right now. Our shelter is 
Mercer County Animal Shelter and we are located in Princeton, WV.

If you can help this pup, please contact:

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