Saturday, January 18, 2014

I GOTS SOME BAD BOY IN ME ! Insipred by Dropcam

Normally I'm a pretty good dog. I'm well trained and know a bunch of tricks. I am a Service and a Therapy Dog so I know my stuff.  But I also have a wild streak, especially when it comes to counter surfing.

 This was the time that I snagged a big container of homemade vegetable soup that mama had cooling on the counter.  Good thing it was not still super hot.  It smelled sooo good...

And tasted even better!

Mama loves to tell the story of when I was 8 months old and found a package on the front porch around Christmas time.  With my expert sniffer I detected food and worked my way through the cardboard box, a cellophane wrapper, into a round tin and then through another cellophane wrapper, then dove into a delectable FRUITCAKE!  Not just any fruitcake mind you...but a special apricot and pecan fruitcake from the Collin Street Bakery in TX.  It was a big cake and I was only able too eat 3/4th of it.  
Mama says she found the rest of it in the side yard after the big thaw.  I was pooping orange nut filled delights for a week!

So yes, I have my weakness and a nose for goodies.  I watch my daddy eat yummy things and he usually shares a little with me, I call it "doggy tax".  If he's rude and doesn't share I wait till he goes to bed and then sneak into his trash can to check out the wrappers.
  Good thing both my parents have a sense of humor!

This was an entry for "Pet Story" Challenge and Dropcam.  With a drop cam you can capture and record your pets antics while your away!


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