Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Trick or Treat

© jimnks
Candy candy in the bag                                      
It's that time of year
Funny clown witchy hag
Another house is near

Popcorn balls and tootsie rolls
A handful is the best
Taken from the biggest bowls
At homes that pass the test

Ding dong ring the bell
Trick or treat is said
And if it does not go so well
Then mark the first word said

Trees draped in toilet paper
Fecal bags on fire
Dressed like an undertaker
The trick was their desire

Midnight comes all bags are full
Time to count the bounty
The night is done we've played our role
All throughout the county

Enjoy this yearly fun filled night
Feast upon it's riches
From the first and final bite
Of Hugs and Hershey Kisses

Mama's feeling bitchy, oops, I mean Witchy this season.  She tastes like green apples!  Would someone get those rats off of me!

Oh no you didn't!!!  Now how on earth am I gonna herd myself???

This is just plain cruel.  I used to love Halloween, now I'm not so sure.

Mama is totally into Zombies.  She can't wait for the weekly release of The Walking Dead on AMC.
You best be careful if your gonna come Trick or Treating at our house this year.  She might eat your brains!!!  And I might just help her!

Coming soon to a theater near you, Frankenweenie, starring Ryker!

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