Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hi Ho Ranger!

Last month Daddy and I went to the local Ranger station south of Anchorage to help them with a problem on their inner-nets.  The station is right next to the railroad tracks and the ocean.  The Rangers protect our wildlife and parks and people and that's good, because I like wildlife and parks and people.

Daddy says the station is in a historical building.  I think that means "cute house".

They also have this ginormous train display.  This is a snow-blower train and the railroad drives these down the tracks to blow the snow away.  This one doesn't move anymore.  It's for us to look at.

Come on Dad.  Let's get inside.  You got work to do.  I got people to meet.

I made friends with the ladies in the office right away.  That's important, because they run the place, you know.  Daddy says women are the bosses of everything but I'm not supposed to tell 'cause it's a secret.

Ranger Matt showed me around the place and told me about all the good stuff they do.  He was very nice. I got kinda scared when the train came driving by 'cause it was real loud but Ranger Matt protected me.  'Cause that's what they do.
Ranger Matt is my buddy now.  I think I could be a Ranger when I grow up.  Do you guys have any Ranger buddies?

This is Superintendent Harrison.  Daddy says he's the big boss.  To my doggie friends, that means he's the pack leader.  He is very nice too and he showed me around the place and even took me to the visitor area and the big snow-blower train. 
How do you like our official "Pack Leaders" photo?  I bet you guys are jealous, ain't ya?

I think we got the bestest Rangers in the world.

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