Sunday, April 29, 2012

More puppy pictures : )

How about more puppy pictures from yours truly?

My half sister Kenzie with her new litter of four.

This little guy is Gabriel, 10 oz at birth.

This is TJ (Tux Jr.), 10.5 oz

Nelson weighing in at 9oz

and  baby girl Foenix Rose, she has a white F on her back! 10.5 oz

What a handsome bunch!  I sure am going to enjoy watching then grow : )

What a minute, WHO IS THIS!  It's me at one week of age!  I kinda look like Nelson.

Wish I was there to give them tummy rubs and teach them all kinds of things that an Uncle should.  Who knows, it could happen.  Hey mom, can we call Alaska Airlines and book a flight to Vancouver,
  WA?  Then I could see my mom and dad too!


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