Thursday, March 10, 2011

A walk in the woods always cheers us up...


                          And good friends make it even better.  Finn and Tally joined us today.

Still sunny and cold with plenty of snow.

                                                    Woo Hoo, got a terrier on my tail~

    Speaking of terriers, two Airedales live behind this fence.  Wishing it was Wyatt and Stanzie!

                                                             Meet and greet on the trail.

                                      Catching up with an old friend and neighbor, Bazil.

                                       You take the high road and I'll take the low road...

                                                Hey mom, did you bring your ice skates?

                                                    Finn's got 3 outta four booties on.

                                                                   Big enough for two.

                                                             Sharing is a good thing!

Yup, we are doing just fine and want to thank all of you for you kind words.  We really appreciate it. 

and now for another awesome thing...

The wonderful and intoxicating smell of baking bread, not to mention the first bite of that warm bread slathered in butter...ahhhh.


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