Sunday, September 30, 2012

Play Dates

Mama arranged for some play dates with our first foster dog Bingo (renamed Riley).  Riley has a brother named Adien and we met up at a local ball field to play.

Riley remembered us and was full of kisses.  Adien was full of play, he is a real herding dog and ankle biter!

We had so much fun, we literally ran around for two hours.

This all took place in early August.  It was so great that we decided to do this on a regular basis.  Unfortunately for me these two are snowbirds and travel down south come winter.  So we met up again a week ago for another day of fun that will have to last us until May.

 We went to a different ball field this time.  Adien needs to be contained, he doesn't have good recall like me.  But look how handsome he is!  He can play like a crazy dog!!!

Bingo, I mean Riley, is looking really good too.  He has lost that extra weight and is coat is much nicer now.  He seems very happy with his new home and that makes us very happy too!  Mama says we will do at least one foster a summer when she has time off from work.

Riley loves having a big brother and we think Adien loves it too.

So we ran, and ran, and ran some more.  See that herding action going on?  I don't mind playing the part of the sheep.

OK guys, huddle time.  Riley, you go left...  I'll go long...

Whoooo hooooo!

Half-time, time to rest-up...

for some bitey face!  Adien is pretty darn good at this too.  I have to stay at the top of my game.

Whoa...take it easy on me little dude!

So, as you can we we had an awesome time together and the Mamas enjoyed talkin' about us while we played.

I am looking forward to seeing them again in the Spring.  Bye guys, have a great time down south.  Be healthy and happy!

PS...we had our first snow this Friday night.  Fall is over and our Winter has begun. So goes life in Alaska.


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