Sunday, February 7, 2010

                 I live in a house with five cats...yes...5 cats.

The oldest and Queen of the house is Miss Cleo. She has been sick and has lost a lot a weight since I got here. She has something called allergies, inflammatory bowel disease and pancreatitis which all sounds awful. She pukes a lot which I just love...a warm extra treat for me and less mess for mom to clean up! I'm a Good Dog!


Miss Cleo packs a mean punch and is very loud, I try and keep a safe distance away.


I have to tell you about a cat named Boudy. I never got to meet him. I guess he passed away before I got here. Sometimes mom gets very sad and calls out his name. I think he was very special to her. 


My favorite buddy is Kosmo. He is a big fluffy cat that mom rescued from the Animal Shelter. He told me he  did somersaults in his cage to keep her there till he won her over and she took him home with her.

We play!  He acts like he doesn't like it but he always comes back for more!


This is Mort, He is a character and loves to play keep away  with me!

Mort and dad are special buds.

He has a bit of a bad boy streak  : )
I must admit I like that about him.

Karma looks kinda like Mort. She is bigger and her nose is different than his.
She is very nice to everyone.


Grandma has her own Kitty named Mickie. He keeps to himself, just hangs out with Grandma.
He's an OK guy.

So that is my Kitty family. A pretty cool gang I think. I'm glad to be a part of it...they are my herd and 
it's my job to protect them. At least when I'm not pestering them myself , he he.

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