Monday, February 21, 2011

New Friends are Fun...or are they?


                                        HELP, I'm being chased by the Hell Hound!

He he, just kidding.  I meet this cool guy at the Park.  Yup, mom wrapped up my leg and I'm back in action!

                  Never caught his name but he was a barrel of fun, I coulda played with him all day!

                                           Do we look like were having fun or what?

                                                       Check out this new move...

                                                         I call it the Butt Bump!

My dew pad is slowly healing.  Mom has ordered me some leg protectors. She will show them to you after we test them out.  They are coming from the UK.  So I'm back in the game and enjoying our new three inches of snow, more coming!

                 Thank you all for your well wishes, they worked.  You guys are the BEST!


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