Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hoppin' at the Dog Park

Happy Sat. Blog Hop...I got to do some hoppin' at my favorite Dog Park "Connor's Lake". I didn't even go to the lake but made many more new doggy friends including an Aussie named Bella that was born 50 miles north of Anchorage in Palmer.

Bella is a standard size Red Merle and sweet as can be.  Can you believe that the people who got her as a puppy returned her to the breeder 9 months later?  Well, at least they returned her instead of some other awful things they could have done.  A very nice lady then bought her and they are forever friends.  Bella is very sweet and loves to chase me.

see me hoppin'

                                   Then another Aussie came to say hello, a nice older gentleman. 

                                                We Aussies are taking over the Dog Park!!

                           Uh Oh, we got some heady competition coming in....check out this dude!

What a bunch of Bull!

Can't end this with out my traditional stick picture.  I even tripped my mom with it and she fell down, bruised her knee, and said a bunch of bad words.  Then she took my stick away.  Ahhh, man, she's no fun. She said at least I didn't bust her camera.

                                                          Happy Hoppin' Everyone!


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