Saturday, September 17, 2011

Berry Picking Season

It is berry picking season and we have had a lot of fun doing just that!  Not that we got all that many berries but the experience was fun none the less.
We started our adventure up at Alyeska and did find some tasty blueberries, but it was a struggle for mom to get to them and the heavy rain drenched us.  But I had a great time anyhow running and playing frisbee.

The following weekend we headed in the opposite direction, north to Hatcher's Pass.  There we also encountered rain but had more success with the berries and the scenery was spectacular once again!

This is the Independence mine ( in Hatcher's Pass) of mom's youth.  It has been reconstructed and now looks like this...

Mom got most of her blueberries on this slope around this old cabin.  She was slip slidin' around in the mud and the rain.  I think I will need to give her a bath when she gets home.  Maybe she should ride in the back of the car too.  She's too dirty to ride up front!

We were keeping an eye out for bear.  They are also berry picking in these parts although we did not see any this day.

The road to get up here is long and bumpy with big old rocks sticking up out of the mud...

I saw several beaver dams...
Being above the tree line they must work very hard obtaining brush to eat and build their homes.

Mom warned me to steer clear of the beaver as they are very protective and have been know to gut a dog.  OK, no problem mom.  I will  keep my distance!

Mom also picked Crow Berries.  They were much more prolific and easier to pick.  She ended up putting them in her smoothies but they make a great pie as well.

The crow berries were very thick along this ridge.

So what are you picking in your neck of the woods?



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