Saturday, September 17, 2011

Berry Picking Season

It is berry picking season and we have had a lot of fun doing just that!  Not that we got all that many berries but the experience was fun none the less.
We started our adventure up at Alyeska and did find some tasty blueberries, but it was a struggle for mom to get to them and the heavy rain drenched us.  But I had a great time anyhow running and playing frisbee.

The following weekend we headed in the opposite direction, north to Hatcher's Pass.  There we also encountered rain but had more success with the berries and the scenery was spectacular once again!

This is the Independence mine ( in Hatcher's Pass) of mom's youth.  It has been reconstructed and now looks like this...

Mom got most of her blueberries on this slope around this old cabin.  She was slip slidin' around in the mud and the rain.  I think I will need to give her a bath when she gets home.  Maybe she should ride in the back of the car too.  She's too dirty to ride up front!

We were keeping an eye out for bear.  They are also berry picking in these parts although we did not see any this day.

The road to get up here is long and bumpy with big old rocks sticking up out of the mud...

I saw several beaver dams...
Being above the tree line they must work very hard obtaining brush to eat and build their homes.

Mom warned me to steer clear of the beaver as they are very protective and have been know to gut a dog.  OK, no problem mom.  I will  keep my distance!

Mom also picked Crow Berries.  They were much more prolific and easier to pick.  She ended up putting them in her smoothies but they make a great pie as well.

The crow berries were very thick along this ridge.

So what are you picking in your neck of the woods?




  1. We aint pickin nothin right now, cause My Vickie seems to think we should stick around the kennel today. I wanted to go up the mountains and play "find the Moose" but oh no, we gotta stay here.

    But at least I can read about all the fun you are having.....

    Keep having fun my friend, keep picken those berries and BE CAREFUL and keep watchin for those bears.....


  2. The most exciting thing we've got around here is Autumn milkshake, kind of a pumpkin, gingerbread flavor. Your scenery is so stunning!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. Ryker - you sure get to see some spectacular scenery!

  4. Berries sound pretty good right now! I think the adventure you had sounds even better, though. What a fantastic place to visit! You live in a beautiful place, Ryker!


  5. Beautiful scenery!
    I think I would be too worried about bears to get much picking done (my first bear experience has scarred me for life!).
    We are still picking blackberries here. The dogs line up along the bushes and just eat away.

  6. gorgeous shots! Makes me wish I could hop on a plane and come visit. The berries look scrumptious! What are we picking? Right now the wild black berries are in season and we are putting up jam for the winter. Yummy!

  7. Oh My Gosh! Don't know where to begin. The scenery is beyond BEAUTIFUL. The Berries look more than yummy. What a wonderful adventure this must have been. So many beautiful photos, we truly cannot pick just one as our most favorite. Thank you for bringing us along. It is fun to tag along. So glad you didn't come across any bear!
    Joan and Little Janie Poo
    (We have bear in our neighborhood, too - they like to stop by on garbage day when all the cans are out!!!)
    Have a wonderful day...

  8. Wow, Ryker! That was a really pawsome place you visited. And all those berries--I bet your Mom made something really yummy when you got back.

  9. That sure was a big bag of berries.

    Did you say bear were there? EEKKK!!!! My mom is TERRIFIED of bears and spiders.

    Glad you stayed away from the beavers.

  10. That's a BIG bag of blueberries your Mom got! So, did your Mom ride in the back of the car and get a bath when she got home? ;) Too funny! What's the fun in going out in the wilderness if you can't get muddy eh? ;) Beautiful places for berry pickin :) Luv the old shack photos! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  11. Berry hunting looks great & those are some great pics :-)

  12. Ryker,
    It is soooo beautiful there. Even if you didn't get any berries it would be worth the trip! You keep your mama safe from those big scary bears!


  13. Fantabulous berry pickin' photos....what absotootly beautiful countryside you are so fortunate to see and experience. Those berries...the photo of the Crow Berries is stunning. The only time my Dads have seen an alpine meadow was in the Rockies in Yoho National Park...they switched backed all the way up and have talked about it ever since. I guess they enjoyed themselves. I know I'd be there in a flash with you Ryker...BTW..I just got home from P.E.Island and met my cousin Shelby a Border Collie...man she loves to move. Next summer we are meeting up again....Cheers!

  14. I'm sure I mentioned to you that we lived in Anchorage for 10 years and your stunning pictures have reminded me of how beautiful Alaska is this time of year and the time when we skied at Hatcher's Pass...Thank-you for reminding me of something I'd not thought of in a long time!!

  15. What spectacular scenery you have there Ryker!! We're big blueberry fans here, but haven't ever picked our own. I bet they were amazing!!


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