Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring has Sprung

The mud is drying up, snow is gone and little flowers are coming forth...
 It is Spring in Alaska!

I am the best little helper!     I will  help mom clear out the flower beds today...  We won't remind her of the holes I dug in the other beds!

Mom took me bike riding, well it was more like running if you ask me. My paw pads are sore! Maybe we better take this new activity a little slower?  But check out this gizmo mom got for her bike...pretty cool!

It is that black J loop bar attached under the seat, it has a spring and the rope clip attaches to my collar or harness. That way when I see a squirrel I don't pull her off her bike or run into traffic!  It is called a Springer Bicycle Attachment and she bought it on-line.  

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