Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tar n' Feathers

This post is for Bandit, Ryker's little brother.  They certainly come from the same gene pool!
We had our driveway re-seal coated this week.  The first coat went fine. The morning they came to do the second coat they were stealthy and did not knock or call.  They did their thing and left...and I did not close the cat/dog door...
I woke to little black paw prints everywhere!   First the carpet, then the back deck, then saw the front walk.  Next Ryker himself. I was so fit-to-be-tied that I forgot to take pictures of him till after the clean-up! First I had to make sure he was safe and that it was not toxic, it wasn't but it had dried between his pads in big clumps and he must have run through it because he looked like a biker that just drove through a big mud puddle as it was sprayed all up his back side and into his tail feathers!  The company owner said to use baby oil and then wash it out with Dawn dish soap.   No hair left between the pads now. Trimmed the back of the hind legs and some of his tail feathers. Two hours later he looked and smelled clean again. He was so stressed out that he went and had a long nap with Grandma to recover!   Now for the carpet and the rest of the mess!

Man Post #2

I think the Man of the House should be doing this Blog.  He has such a great sense of humor...

Mama Love

My mama is camera shy. She prefers to stay behind it rather than in front.  But here she is lovin' on me as usual.
                                       Gotta love Mama Love!  It's the Best!!!

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