Wednesday, May 25, 2011

CLEO 3/1996 - 4/2011


Well, between the death of my mother in law in February and my mother in April we had to put down our 15 year old cat Cleo.   It has really been a rough year for us.  We did not want Cleo to go unnoticed, here is a tribute to my little snuggle bunny. Cleo was always curled around my neck when every I laid down.  The purring in my ear would lull me to sleep.  I don't sleep so well with out you girlfriend, you are truly missed.

Babies  Cleo and Boudy  May 1996

Oh, that's gonna hurt!

                   She was a mama's girl right from the start!

    Cleo got fat.

            Cleo could always find a comfy spot to take a nap.

Then she got sick and skinny. She developed IBS and pancreatitis.She fought it for years. 

                       Through it all she was always my girl.

Then when she seemed to be getting better and gained some weight back she had a stroke and we had her put to sleep to travel the rainbow bridge home.

Good bye my sweet girl. I will  miss you till we meet up again.  Give your brother Boudy lots of love for me.

Your Loving Mama


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