Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh, the shame


     Well,  now I done it.  I got caught chewing at my surgical site.  Oh, the shame of it all!  It itches!

Mom promised me a leash walk with some of my friends tomorrow for Valentine's Day.  With out the cone of shame, thank goodness.  A guy can only take so much embarrassment.

Hello, can anybody see me in here???   I wonder what my Valentine Sagira is up too. Hope she don't see me like this.  I asked my Mom to post some pretty pictures of our Orchid flowers that never stop blooming for her to enjoy.


                                                           Valentine, you make me silly;
                                                        You make my heart beat willy-nilly;
                                                      When I think of you, the world is hazy;
                                                           Valentine, you drive me crazy!

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