Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mama has a four day weekend....YaaHooo!

Guess you all know what I want to do!

Oh yeah Baby!

This rocks my world!

We just got another 6 inches of snow and I'm diggin' it!

Couldn't ask for a nicer day

Anyone care for a Frisbee full of snow?

Gotta stop and cool off a bit, I's gettin' hot!

Mama wants to butt in and rave about her little orchid.  This thing has 34 blooms on it in the middle of friggin winter.  She loves this little plant!
OK, I must admit it's pretty!

And no, she does not keep it outside!  The light is just better for the photo  :)

And on Valentines Day daddy got mama some more pretty flowers...
He sure knows how to pick em, ha ha!

Mama made him a super duper dinner and for dessert made him a German Cheesecake!
She hand dipped the strawberries too.  She knows the way to his heart!

I had such a fun time watching all my friends go to the Valentines Ball.  I just hate to dress up but maybe next year!  I'll have to find me a date... guess I got a year to work on that.


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