Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dog sitting


My mama has been dog sitting the neighbors dog Chili while they are in Europe. I never cared much for Chili. He is a rescued dog with fear aggression and attacks me. Now he is my arch enemy and I attack him too. I just hate it when mom leaves the backyard to go take care of him. I wait at the property line till she returns.  She promised me she won't do this to me again. 

He looks all sweet and innocent, but if your a dog you'd best keep your distance! 

Mom says the best way to wear him out in a good long bike ride!  Despite the look on his face he loves it.  Only dangerous for mom if she passes another dog.   She learned the hard way to stop and keep a firm grip on him or else he would pull the bike over. You should she her elbow!  All bloody and bruised from the first encounter. 

Mom here... " Chili is a the sweetest dog with people, just very afraid of other dogs.  Poor guy.  His  folks just got home and brought me the most beautiful silk and cashmere scarf from Verona Italy!  But I don't think I will put Ryker through this again, he was so very jealous of the time I spent with Chili."

awesome...being able to take an afternoon nap!


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