Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Playing Catch-up

We are playing catch-up with some fall photos today. Then we can show you all the snow we got this week!

Here I am sporting my "Support Breast Cancer Research" bandana.

Me and my best buddy Mort.

Morty is one cool dude.  If I push it too far he lets me know with a nip or a scratch and makes me yelp!
But that is my big clue to back off and I usually go and lay down a few feet away from him till he is ready to play again.  And play he will!  He likes to rub all over me and will throw himself at me in flying attack hugs.  He is a barrel of fun!

We have had many visits from our neighborhood moose.  I am not to pleased when they come into my yard but mama has taught me that they are God's creatures too and need to roam and forage for food.

They are very big.  Funny though how the cats are not afraid.  In fact, the neighbor lady in back of us said she saw our cat Mickie nose to nose with one of these big moose out in our backyard.  Oh how mama wishes she could have gotten a photo of that!

Well, off she goes.  See ya later!

And last but certainly not least, here is a shot of me visiting folks at the Cancer Infusion Center.  I enjoy my visits as much as the patients do.  We all get happy and I have a fun time.

We have gotten at least a foot of snow now so our next post we will have to throw you a virtual snowball!


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