Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Duck Tales

Mom and I went to a new park...why didn't she take me there before?  It is in the middle of town and totally awesome!!! There are walking tracks, a big field for frisbee, and a pond with ducks and geese!  Mom said I could herd the ducks!
Here I am sitting in front of the fountain at the library end of the park.
Now for some serious duck herding...
                                      This is a blast!  I love these little ducks!!!
                Can we take some home with us?? Huh, can we???
LOOK! They are all following me...I am the Pied Piper of Ducks! 
    They must really like me cuz I sure don't look like a mama duck.
                       Oops, I think I scare the big ones away...
                     Maybe they are flying south for the winter.

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