Sunday, August 28, 2011

Crazy August

This August has been a crazy busy month.  I have had some grand adventures and the garden has grown...
The moose ate all our lettuce, no big deal to me as I don't like lettuce.

 I made more trips to the dog park...
Took some naps...

and had some good eats!

I of course played frisbee!
And watched the gardens grow  : )

We went to the store and mom got me a new Frisbee!
I wanted a cookie but mom got me a healthy snack instead.
She is always looking out for me.  (don't tell her but I would have preferred the pretty cookie!)

So as you can see I am having a pretty fabulous August.  And it's not over yet so there is more to come!
Humps and licks to all my friends out there!

Monday, August 8, 2011

More fun in the Sun

We continue to have some nice sunny days and some rainy days.  I like the sunny days best!

Oh, I hear mom calling. Lets go see what she wants...

Hot digitty dog!  We's gonna have some fun!

It's bubble time!  Mom wanted to get some pretty bubble photos like BCX4 and 1 more does but I just can't hold still.  I must pop every single bubble and do it in record time!!!!

Let's see if one will land on my tongue?  It works with snowflakes.

Well, it sure don't taste like chicken.

I'm getting tuckered out.  Good fun mom, Thanks!

Only thing is, these bubbles taste terrible. Mama, call the company and tell them to make a mouse flavor for me.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mom is back to work, * heavy sigh*.   She was busy this week helping to get the kids registered for school. She checks their health history with the parents and makes sure their shots are up to date.  The kids don't come back till the 16th but mom has seminars and in-services and other things to do to prepare for their arrival.
But she hasn't totally forgot me...

Yes, I have the green grass stripe of fun on my face!

I've been to the dog park.

Made a new friend. His name is Arttie and he is half Pitty and half Corgie.  He is a gentleman and a ball to play with as he likes to chase and be chased just like me. For a change I got to do the chasing!

We met another blue eyed Aussie! He was very nice.  I find some a bit over bearing but he was very kind to me.

Oh, look, he still has his tail!  What a lucky guy he is.  I wish I had a tail!  Well, I do have a stub of a tail.  When I wag it my whole but wags with it!

We met this crazy girl on our way out.  Boy was she wound up tight!

I think she wanted to eat me for lunch!  No worries though, just exuberant play!

Mom says she apologizes for not blogging much the past week and she will try and do better.  We'll see...


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