Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Christmas present arrives from Florida!


                                            Tuesday evening I received a package from Florida.

                                               It says it's from my friend Rudy Roo!

Oh cool!  He sent me a Christmas card with his picture and a bully stick...and look, there is even something for mom and dad!

     Ummm, look how thick and spicy it is. Gator sauce, now I gotta find me a gator to put it on!  Do you think this will go with my raw diet? Oh, that's right, this was for mom and dad.  I get the bully stick!

                                                                I love these things.

                                                    Thank You Roo!  You're the Best!

                        Hah, there's Karma peeking out from under mom's coat watching the action!

Bet she wishes she could have my bully stick.  No way Karma, it ain't gonna happen!  Go ask mom for some of that catnip you like so much.


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