Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dr. Ryker to the Rescue!

Today I have the most important job ever.  My Mama is in the Hospital.  She has an infection and isn't feeling well.  She needs Dr. Ryker.  Stat!

But first, I have to scrub up.  All doctors gotta scrub up before they visit patients.  Here I am getting dried off with my towlie.  Don't be takin' a picture of me Nekkid, Daddy.

Then I gotta put on my uniform.  Don't I look official?  I even got my serious Doctor face on.

Come on Daddy, we gotta get moving.  Stat!  No time to waste!  You drive.  I'll make the Ambulance sounds.

We raced through town to the Hospital.  I ran straight up to the room.  I was a blur while I was diagnosing her condition and thinkin' up her treatment protocol.

Emergency Kissie-face is what's called for here.  Lots of it too.  And not a moment too soon!

Stay back Daddy.  I got work to do here.  Mama needs more treatment.

How you feelin' now Mama?  Lemme check your vitals.  Hold still.

Looks like she's gonna need another 20 lick-c's of Kissie Face.

 I think we did it.  She's starting to come around.  We got here just in time.

 Lay back Mama.  I gotta do some hug therapy.  This is gonna take a minute, but it won't hurt.

 Ok.  I got the emergency treatment done.  The patient has to get some rest now so you gotta be quiet, ok? 

All this doctoring sure makes a doggie tired.  I'm gonna stay by the patient here and monitor her condition.  You could go get us something to drink, Daddy.

Sigh.  I can't help but think about all those other humans out there who need Dr. Ryker.

Oh, you're back!  Look!  The treatment worked.  Mama is happy again and feeling much better.

I'm glad you're feelin' better Mama.  I better go do my rounds.  There's still a lot of other patients that need a Dr. Ryker visit.  We can't be selfish.

Remember, lots of fluids and bed rest.  I'll come back tomorrow to check on you.

 Let's get to the next floor Daddy.  There's still lots of work to do . . .

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