Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nice Thanksgiving Break


     Yup, we did have a nice Thanksgiving break.  We saw a nice big Bull moose not far from our house.

                               Later that day we went to the pet shop!!!  I had a blast...

The first thing you have to do is check under all the shelves for spilled kibble and treats.  I always find some!

                                     Then you have to go check out the small animals...
                  Whoo Hooo, a baby bunny!  Now how do they know to be afraid of me already???

                                                           Now for some big fat mice!
                                                 Mom? Can I have one, Please?
                                                    (In your dreams little one)

Mom made a Christmas card with a picture of me on the front. She said she is working on another design but needed to get this one in the overseas mail early.
                          We gotta get to bed early tonight, it's back to school in the morning. Drat!


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