Saturday, January 24, 2015

Swimming and the Snow

Yes!  We finally got our snow, and it is fluffy and light!

It sparkles like diamonds and makes me happy!

It even tastes good, no yellow snow to be found.

Mama didn't want to go out in the windy snow storm but I made her do it!

We both had a great time!

There is only one speed to use and that is full speed ahead.

I'm speechless!

Can't see either!

Yes, we still have our outdoor lights up!

I must give thanks...

Thank You Mr. Snowman for the snow, please bring me more.

One another note, my friends Finn and Tally invited me to go swimming at K9 Aquatics this week!

We had a grand time!

I did not want to stop when the time was up.  I hope to go again soon!


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