Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Even a busy guy like me needs downtime once in awhile.

Maybe even upside downtime!

And I have an eye witness.

"These feet smell like popcorn"

"That's OK with me.  I like popcorn!"


Saturday, May 18, 2013

The snow is gone! NOT!

Spring is here but everything is still brown.

It took three days for this last little patch of snow to go!

High temps are on the 50's.  Voles did damage to the shrubs again over the winter, chewing away at the bark along the base of the plants. These plants are dead now.

The moose had their fun of course...happens every year!  The trellis has been screwed to the house but they still pry it away in their desire for Clematis.

 I don't care that it's brown, but mama says the dead grass is ugly and I am tracking it all over the house.

Don't worry mama, It will turn green soon!

And at least it is no longer a big soggy mess here in the back yard!

You can't rush Mother Nature!

OK folks, these above photos were taken three days ago...

here is today's 5-18-13


The news caster says we are gonna make the 4th snowest and THE coldest May on record!
What happened to Global Warming?
Even little ole me is getting sick of this stuff!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

I have been blessed with several mothers and grand mothers and would like to wish them all a great day and to say THANK YOU!

Love to you mama Gracie...for giving birth to me, loving the little puppy me and all my brothers and sisters too.  What an awesome puppyhood I had!

Sooo Beautiful!

I love you mama Gracie and grandma Kelsey!  Happy Mothers Day to both of you!  And to you too mama Jamie, I have pictures of you but not sure you want them posted so I won't, but that doesn't mean I love you any less! 
Mama Jamie fed and cleaned up after all of us and taught us how to be good dogs!  And love, she gave us tons of that!!!

And love to Grandma Connie, I sure miss you!  I miss our snuggle times and our trips to daycare...so many good times.

I think my mama is missing her mama on this special day.

It is a tough time for all children no matter their age who have lost a mother, but a good time to give thanks and remember the good times!
My Grandma, my Pal

Last but never least..Happy Mother's Day to my furever mama!  I loves you a zillion licks!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers...none of us would be here without you!


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Woodland Wonderland

Who doesn't enjoy a walk in the woods?

Especially on a lovely sunshine filled day.

Oh yummy!  Cool and refreshing.


I'm sure gonna miss this snow when it is gone.  Such a great way to cool off after playing hard.

The snow is melting fast. Mixed snow and rain this weekend so enjoy the snow photos as this may be the last one for a while!   Now comes MUD Season!

Catch ya later!!!  I'm off!

Who knew?
Aussie Sled Team...I wanna join!



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