Saturday, May 18, 2013

The snow is gone! NOT!

Spring is here but everything is still brown.

It took three days for this last little patch of snow to go!

High temps are on the 50's.  Voles did damage to the shrubs again over the winter, chewing away at the bark along the base of the plants. These plants are dead now.

The moose had their fun of course...happens every year!  The trellis has been screwed to the house but they still pry it away in their desire for Clematis.

 I don't care that it's brown, but mama says the dead grass is ugly and I am tracking it all over the house.

Don't worry mama, It will turn green soon!

And at least it is no longer a big soggy mess here in the back yard!

You can't rush Mother Nature!

OK folks, these above photos were taken three days ago...

here is today's 5-18-13


The news caster says we are gonna make the 4th snowest and THE coldest May on record!
What happened to Global Warming?
Even little ole me is getting sick of this stuff!



  1. That last pic is BOL FUNNY :)

  2. BOL! That last photo is funny, I can't believe that you had a tiny peek at Spring and now you are back to the snow of winter, I hope you get a nice thaw soon, its crazy! Love, Licks, Hugs and Paws crossed for Sun for you soon, you looked so happy in the fist photos XxxxX Frank

  3. We had a foot of snow a few weeks ago here in Kansas! "Global Warming" really shouldn't be called that... It should be called "Weather Extremes" because very cold and very hot are symptoms!

  4. YUK, for doggie sake, its spring already. OH Barharhar, lets mow the snow!

    Thanks for the giggles, Dad loved it
    The Mad Scots

  5. Even a snow loving dog like your self has their limits as far as snow goes. By the way, I am an excellent vole hunter, I would be happy to come and deaded them for you. I will think warm, green thoughts for you.

  6. Ha ha at the last picture!

    I feel your pain:( It's just Mother Nature reminding you who really is in charge!
    I have trouble with voles too. Not the same trouble as you, but they tunnel EVERYWHERE under the vegetable garden, so a lot of the time the roots are just hanging in the air. Every once in a while I stomp the soil between the plants down.

  7. Snow..what fun. We hope it doesn't snow any more here in Minnesota. Our grass is starting to turn green! :)

  8. RYKER....
    I love that top picture of you!! ;)
    "Mama says the dead grass is ugly and I am tracking it all over the house.". Crack. Me. Up!! ;-D
    I love, love, love the picture of that man mowing his snow!! He looks like a redneck, or something!! Hee, hee, hee.... ;)
    --Raelyn and Rose

  9. May be Mother nature has decided to skip spring and go straight to summer this year! Hope you get to see more green instead of white soon!

  10. That is nutty. The grass doesn't know if it should be green or not
    Benny & Lily

  11. NOT FAIR AT ALL!!!

    LOVE the last picture!!

    Warm weather is coming your way I PROMISE!!!


  12. Crazy weather!

    Critter Alley

  13. That's some real crazy insane weather!! Love the guy mowing the snow too! I still can't get over how stunning Ryker is...those eyes just look fake they are so hypnotic and I love Ryker's fur colors too! Wow!

  14. I'm with you, Ryker. We had this great warm spell and now it's back to rainy and cold. At least we don't have the snow!


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