Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Playing in the garden again!

My good friend Carley came over for a visit again. She slips her lead and sneaks over to my house to play on a regular basis  : )
                  We have a great time playing!  Mom even said she left a big present in the yard!  But she didn't seem real happy about it? 
I gave her a tour of the garden flowers...

Then I showed her the edible stuff that mom is so excited about. Mom says this is the first year that the fruit trees and the Kiwi have produced fruit. And she says we will have 9 full size Apples and a whole bunch of sweet cherries! Oh Boy. now I'm getting excited too!
Norland Apples

Sweet cherries

Arctic Kiwi's

Carrot bed
After the garden tour we got back to what we do best.
                                                                      Catch ya later!

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