Friday, July 22, 2011

Strolling Time

That's right, its time to take a stroll through mom's flower garden and sniff all the flowers in bloom.

First off are mom's new hydrangeas.  She fell in love with the new color and plans to winter them over in a greenhouse so she can enjoy them again next summer.

Here is a pretty clematis tucked up against the house for warmth.

Lilacs have scented the yard...

An oriental poppy about to pop!

This is grandma's shade garden.  Mama planted it outside her bedroom window so she would have something pretty to look at.

Here are some other assorted pretties...

So there you have it, a little taste of summer in Alaska.  We live our summers hard and fast as the snow can come as early as late September.  Summer is short but sweet!

On our next stroll we will take a look at the edibles growing in our yard.

I promised to pass this "Dear Sixteen Year Old Me" video for all my friends enjoying the summer sunshine.
http://youtu.be/_4jgUcxMezM  Please wear your sunscreen.

awesome...summer in Alaska!


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