Saturday, May 14, 2011

Get off the porch!


Mom said get off the porch and lets go check out the bald eagles.  We have a mated pair of eagles in the next neighborhood that have been there in the Cottonwood tree for at least three years now.  So off we went.

Oooh, that is a big nest up there.  And while tromping thorough the woods we found the remains of a rabbit that was most likely eagle food.  Cool!

                                          Wow, there they are!

Why are they looking at me like that mom, tell them I am no Chihuahua!

Mom said not to worry, that I was a bit big for them to consider me a meal.

Maybe I'll join the Audubon Society and become a bird watcher.  This is fun!  Hey mom, lets come back here again and check on these guys.  Maybe we can see the babies next month?


Sun Glorious Sun!


It is truly amazing what a little warmth and sunshine will do...

Oh Hallelujah!  A sunny day without heavy wind!  Come on mom and dad, lets go play!!!

                 Is this or is this not the face of a Happy Dog???

                                                    Yeee Haah !

                                     Got my eye on the prize!

                                           Oh...!  Oh.. Oh  !!!

                                               Oh... oh..!

Now I remember why I love summer...bring it on!   This is better than snow!

Well bless my hairy paws this sun feels good!   What a rip roaring good time I had today.  Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.


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