Friday, December 31, 2010

My eyes hurt...


Mom got a new external flash for her camera for Christmas.  She really likes it...but somebody needs to tell her to take a break!

She says it really helps with taking photos indoors.  Now she is waiting for a diffuser, what ever that is.

                                                     At least I'm not her only target!

She says to tell all our friends out there that just got new cameras for Christmas that they need to put an external flash on their wish list now. Bet there are some birthdays coming up...and don't forget Valentines Day!

                                                                  Your turn Kosmo!

                                             OK mom, don't you think that is enough???

                                           Oh Krykie, I think I'm getting a headache!

                                            Would somebody make here stop, my eyes hurt!

                                 Happy New Year Everybody!  Now go enjoy some bubbly!


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