Sunday, February 26, 2017

I Play Hard...torn ACL

Well now I've gone and done it!  When I play I play hard with total disregard for my body and injuries.  Vet man said I've torn my ACL and I may need surgery.  Mama is taking me to a specialist to get more information before we make a plan.

In the meantime no more fun in the snow :(


And mama says no jumping and running!

What's a dog to do?????

 This is bad news, I'm so very sad about this but want to get better so will have to comply.

 It's not in my nature to be still, play is my middle name.  Mama is a Nurse and is not cutting me any slack.  Whoa is me...


Saturday, February 4, 2017


Snow dump in progress, it is really coming down.  When we wish for snow up here this is what we are wishing for!  Soooo pretty, and lots of shovel attacking for me!  I can bite a shovel faster than you can!

Mama loves taking snowy pictures of me, go figure.

Snow Frisbee is a major workout!

You can really sink your teeth into it!

 Just make sure there is someone around to dig you out should you disappear!

This is some deep S**t

Once I have broken trail the going gets easier. 

Snooter Snow Face

 Future Christmas card shot...

 Panda Bear?

 The aftermath... nothing like a warm shower to melt your troubles away.

 Expecting four days of sun followed by lots more snow.  I say BRING IT ON!


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