Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Below zero at Connor Lake


                 The sun was out but the wind was blowing and it was below zero without the chill factor!

Crossing the lake with no wind cover was a chilling experience. Even all bundled up I had forgotten a scarf and my face and neck were freezing. I had a hat on but my ears were awfully cold too.

Check out those scars on his nose.  Ryker kept sticking his nose too close to a little apricot poodle mix and got bit on the nose not once but two or three times.  Slow learner, or maybe she was worth it?



  1. I guess you can't have it all. You've got the sunshine, we've got the mild temperatures:)
    Don't get frostbite!

  2. oh dear!! I was thinking of you guys up in Alaska this morning when I was shoveling snow and cursing the snow. I thought to myself...Im sure Ryker and family has it much worse with the snow!! haha, I hope you guys are staying warm! Im ready for spring already!! Ace isn't...he LOVES the snow!!! He could play all day. I just have to be careful with the salt....they throw it down everywhere and then he ends up limping around until I wash it!! poor guy...

    Sheesh Ryker! No lady is worth those crazy scars!!! hahaha :)

  3. Ryker,
    Looks like you do a pretty fine job of keep away with the stick!


    p.s. you know what they call the cranky girl dogs...

  4. That's a very nice shadow picture. Isn't it cold there? I guess not as I can see you had a wonderful time with friends and someone even dared to try to grab your stick.
    Take care of your nose too, Ryker!!!

  5. Hehe some ladies are just worth it ;-) Loved the pictures!

  6. That looks like a lot of fun, well all of it except for the scars!


  7. Ouchies! Sorry you have a scar on your nose. :(

    You asked what hairs were getting cut on Bokeh. She is going to trim his ear hairs so his ears will lay correctly and also the hair on the top of his head is out of control and all different lengths, she might trim other stuff to, who knows. LOL

  8. K, goin back into the hot tub now. Y'all are crazy! Below zero????? I'd be a pupcicle.

    Waggin at you survivalists :)

  9. That is freaking cold and yet you all look so happy. It's all about being prepared, right? I am so glad you got out there and enjoyed yourselves. Maybe I shall do the same.


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