Saturday, April 20, 2013


Mama says this may be my last trip to this dog park.  She says the dogs are too unpredictable and I guess she is right.  I almost got into it with a Pit Bull and then another mixed breed dog.  I have gotten very protective of my sticks and am not always pleased when another dog shows interest in them.  Some dogs I'm fine with but mama says she can not predict which ones. 

It is kinda a shame as I do meet many cool dogs there.  Look at these nice guys!

But I did not like this big fluffy herder.  NO, you can not sniff my stick!

I was OK with this guy.  He liked my stick too, but I did not give it to him.

Met this beautiful Catahoula girl.  Her mama said she is going to get a male and have them make some puppies.  They will be cute!!!

Made more friends on the way to the lake.

 Catch me if you can!

 I guess you can!
 I play much better with no stick.  Unfortunately they are everywhere and I can seldom resist grabbing one.  Mama takes them away from me but I just go find another one.  But these two engaged me and I forgot all about my stick and played like a puppy!


As we got closer to the lake we met this big gal in the middle.

She looks really playful!  I like big girls!

 Whoo Hoo, we reached the lake!

This gal's story is that she has an Aussie friend that whoops on her so now it's payback time!

Mama is close by making sure she doesn't get too rough with me.      

Kiss me big girl!

       I love this Bi**h

Oh yeah, she wants me!

So all things come to an end and she moved on.  Mama and I shared some one-on-one time.

I found me another prize stick!  Game on!

And then we found us a lone moose!  She was eating the bark off a tree.

I didn't much care.  I had lost my stick in the deep snow and had to find me a replacement.  A dog has his priorities in life!

On our way back to the car I met two little ragamuffins.

So all in all I had a grand time.  I will miss this park mama, but I know you have my best interests in mind and we will find even better places to play!
 Farewell Connors Bog park!



  1. Oh Ryker I am sorry about your park. But you are right, MOM's have are best interest at heart. I do understand your love of sticks. This would be a sad sad world without them. But as you said they are everywhere so life is good. I am sure you will find a grand place to romp and play and find sticks that can be all yours.

  2. Oh dear, it's definitely not nice to have some off leash funny dogs around in the park. Your mom is considerate and careful and I understand her worries.

    Those action shots of you are amazing; your mom is a fantastic photographer.

  3. Too bad that some dogs have to be turds and spoil it for others. Those are some great action shots..love the photo of you getting a stick with the moose in the background:)

  4. That first stick was nearly as big as the moose!
    It's a shame you have to leave the park when you have made so many friends (especially that girl!), but if you are being bullied by big boys, it must be done. Trust your Mamma, she only wants to help you.
    Have a super week!
    Pippa :)

  5. It looks like you had a wonderfully fun day. Maybe you can try visiting the park again in time.

    Critter Alley

  6. What a bummer but you need to keep Ryker safe! That Ryker is one absolutely beautiful pup! I would know Ryker anywhere!! Those action shots you got are really something else!!! One day I hope to be able to take some shots like that...baby steps :). Well, enjoy your sticks safely Ryker :)

  7. We don't go to the dog parks here either for those same reasons--But then our house is kinda like a dog park, isn't it? But I'm glad you had a good time, and it showed in the great photos!

  8. I had the same problem at our dog park. Now there is no dog park where we live. But at least we have a big yard!

  9. This is such a shame Ryker!

    Today's beautiful photos of you and your friends were so exciting and amazing. I'll let you know something my Daddies are very vigilant at the park that we frequent. You just never know when another dog is going to dive at my neck or vice versa. It turns out that Poodles are "neck goer afters". Since I'm 1/2 Poodle well I can't control myself. I'm also an Alpha Dog ~~ I need to be in charge. With all this being said I still am hauled in tight when a potential mishap could happen. There are a few stories where I got into major trouble. But you know we are dogs and we know how and what to do but also need guidance.

    I think that is why Mr. Orangie came in on the scene. I LOVE having the ball in my mouth thus no crazy teeth situations with other dogs. It just seems to work.

    I hope you can try your park again some time, maybe at a different time of day. It is such a beautigful spot and not fair that you have to give it up.

    Sophie and Ron

  10. Perhaps we can try again, but we have another dog park very close to our house that is less frequented and the dogs seem to be better behaved. It is also cleaner. People at the old park are not good at collecting the poop which makes it a horrible place to visit once things start melting! We are also surrounded by parklands and trails. It is not an off leash area but this is Alaska and many well behaved dogs run loose with their peeps as we walk the trails. We have many options :)

  11. Mamma knows best, but good that you have other options.
    I hope the Catahoula owner thinks long and hard about'making babies':(
    I'm not a fan of dog parks for our dogs, but in Oliver we have to use one. Fortunately we usually have it to ourselves, and it is just a place to go so we can throw a ball for a decent distance, or kick Luna's soccer ball good and hard.


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