Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Project

It was a rough winter on the flora this year.

Mama lost several of her plants and the backyard grass did not do well.

The front lawn came in pretty good and looks great now but the back yard was my frisbee zone and mama says that must have something to do with it.

20 yards of topsoil landed on our driveway!

And ended up in our backyard, thanks to some young bucks.

Dad ordered a bucnch of that new "Cutting Edge" grass seed hoping that it will hold up better.  Soon we will have a new lush, green backyard!  But for now I play frisbee in the front yard.



  1. How do you get bucks to old shovels in their hooves?? BOL!


  2. Where's the pictures of the young bucks:)? Our lawn at Oliver is like the picture of your front lawn when it was brown. No water = dead grass. Yep, you dogs can be hard on grass.

  3. That should do the trick. Did you get RTF fescue seed? That is the new craze in Oregon!

    Wyatt's mom

  4. Great photos!! I really love how green everything is in your front yard, and I've no doubt it'll look that way in the back before the first snow comes! :-)

  5. WOW you have some very smart and helpful bucks. I know soon you will be racing and chasing that Frisbee in the back yard.

  6. That is a great "air" shot!!! We hope you'll be entering our FiveSibes Summer Fun Canine Photo Contest!

  7. Oh my, that last picture is hysterical!

    Critter Alley

  8. So sorry to here that Mother Nature was trying to decimate your back lawn. Every year something different happens to us so we've learned to respect and deal with it. I hope you lawn returns so Ryker can run until it's sundown there.

    Psst~~~~ I LOVE your header! What process did you use? I have Photoshop so if it's offered by them YAY!!

    All the best!


  9. RYKER....
    Grass is a nice addition to any yard!! Ask anyone!! My great aunt who resides in Texas does not have much grass in her yard because deer eat it!! ;)
    I love, love, love that closing picture!! "MUST...GET...TREAT..." Crack. Me. Up!! ;op
    --Raelyn and Rose

  10. your front yard looks real lush..with all your sunshine I bet the grass grows fast! :)


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