Saturday, May 23, 2015

Summer Breeze, makes me feel fine...

 As you can see by all the green behind me Summer is here!  I am a dog of many seasons and love them all.

Summer means swimming and I am an Aussi-oum swimmer! I have made several trips to my favorite lake already and am working on my dog-paddle!

I can swim far and wide in search or my ball, stick or frisbee.

Mama calls me a wet noodle or a hairy fish!

When I absorb too much lake water I just pee it out!

I jump!

I drip!

I get impatient with mama!

I go on high alert when she asks me if I see daddy...no daddy at the lake today :(

Throw that ball would ya???  Quit teasing a dogger!

This summer seems to be starting out  just right..

The flowers are blooming too!

Mama found this cute planter at a local thrift shop.  

  She planted Dahlias again this year.

Our little woodland ferns are unfurling. 

I hope all my friends are enjoying a wonderful summer too!



  1. You make me smile Ryker...you look so perturbed with your Mama. Looks like fun in the lake, I bet the water is cold:)

  2. Looks like you are having a whale of a time, and you have certainly perfected the art of the 'stinkeye':)

  3. Dear Ryker, you are looking absolutely handsome!! I can see that you're having wonderful weather!! Enjoy it :)

  4. Wow, Ryker, you are so lucky! Looks like you are really enjoying summer.

    Critter Alley

  5. Hi Ryker, those are some gorgeous photos, it looks like you are having a wonderful time, you seem to be enjoying swimming, I love to swim too, you are definitely a wet noodle, not so much a furry fish, I can't believe that your Momma is teasing you, dosent she know that you have balls to chase and swimming to swim! Have a wonderful summer, it sure is off to a great start! Love and Licks from your furiend Frank XxxxxxxxX pees, those fern plants look cute, you need to pee on them! BOL!

  6. Ryker and Mom, your photos are amazing, and looks like you're taking advantage of every single moment to enjoy your summer! I remember how Memorial Day weekend was the big time to go and get my fuschia's from winter camp at Bell's and bring them home. This is really a great time of the year in Alaska!!

  7. It's great to see you having fun, Ryker. May your summer be awesome! :)

  8. Ryker, you are a beautiful pup no matter what season it is! Enjoy your summer! Awesome photos!


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