Saturday, January 23, 2016

More winter fun...

I am still enjoying the little bit of snow we got last week.

I think the east coast stole all our snow!

 I want it back please!

Mama is putting all our Christmas stuff away today, but leaving the outside lights up a bit longer.

Yes, I'm staring at you, do you have any treats in your pocket?



  1. Wow ...I love your blog! The pictures are awesome. That Ryker is quite the star and takes great pics! Hope you get some more snow! Love that running Ryker at the end too!

  2. You have an eye for you big holy ball and for treats!! You are lookin good in what snow you have:)

  3. there are a lot of friends experiencing Alaska here, BOL
    Lily & Edward

  4. You are right, we DID in fact, steal all your snow -- We have about 30 inches on the ground right now. The only difference is, is that it'll take us days to dig out, and it will melt in about a week. Until then, we're having great fun, and wish you were here to have fun with us! :-) I also heard about the earthquake near Anchorage on the news today -- I remember those days too. I hope all is well and please take care!

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  5. We did have a big shaker! 7.1 with a 4.3 aftershock! I am still finding things in cabinets as I open them and stuff falls out. The fishtanks sloshed all over my desk and papers. No major damage thank goodness. Ryker ran straight to his daddy as I was in the bedroom asleep. She shook for 5 minutes after the quake, poor baby.
    Enjoy the snow, I know the dogs will love it!

  6. You are handsome as can be in the snow!

    Critter Alley


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