Wednesday, October 23, 2019

We are back...

Yes, some of us are still alive...so much has happened since we last posted.

 Daddy got really sick with COPD and passed way on April 13th 2018.  Mommy has been so very sad and I have been busy trying to cheer her up. 
 We have traveled to visit family and friends in Virginia, Texas and twice to Germany.  Daddy was born and raised in Germany and my Auntie Andrea lives there.  We spent 3 weeks there this summer. Miz Feldhoff took these two photos of me at a dog show in Germany.

 It was quite a trip and we will post more about it soon.
 It was hot there but also hot when we got home, one of the hottest summers I can remember in Anchorage. 

 I can't remember if I showed you our new house, we had it built while daddy was still with us. He lived in it for 6 months before he moved on.
 So mom is back to work and I am her Service Dog and go to work (and everywhere else) with her to the various schools everyday!  Most of the kids and staff love me.

 Mom and Kirsten took me to the State Fair...I have never been there before and had such a great time. My favorites were the food and the farm animals!!! Here I am with the SHEEP!

 I had my 10th Birthday on April 7th this year and here is my Birthday Photo.
So it is good to be back, so much has happened and I will try to fill in some of it and then we will move on! I've missed you my friends


  1. I am so sorry that your husband died. How incredibly sad for you and Ryker. I have been wondering about you. I am sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Sounds like Ryker has a everyday job now sure hope he gets to go swimming sometimes! Take Good Care of you!

    1. Thank you!!! We are doing OK, taking each day at a time. No more swimming till we find a like free of parasites! The lake we used to go to is infested and also has aggressive River Otters! We go to the park now everyday after work.

  2. So much sadness! I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband Sandy. I hope the good memories are what you are remembering most now. Ryker would be a great service dog, and I'm glad he can get to go everywhere with you. Jake turned 15 this summer, and has certainly slowed down, and has some issues. Some dementia I'd say, the nights are not good at times, but things are going not too badly at the moment. Hugs to you xxx

    1. Getting older sure has it's rough times. Guess we all just have to make the best of it. Ryker is my rock, not sure I could get through this without him. Give Jake a hug from us.

  3. Hello Sandy & Ryker! How wonderful to see a post from you! I am just so very sorry about the loss of your husband. I know the comfort that friends and family can bring to ease the sadness and provide peace. I'm glad you were able to go and spend time with them.

    I have thought of you and though we've never met, after all this time of blogging, etc., I consider you a friend. Many bloggers have come and gone in the time I've/we've been blogging and I miss them. Which is why I'm so glad that you're back. You have been missed!

  4. It is good to reconnect with you as I have missed you as well. You are a kind friend with a big heart!

  5. We are sorry to hear the sad news, we send respect and gentle wooos, it is good to hear from woooos, please take care and check in soon,


  6. Merry Christmas Sandy and Ryker! Thinking of you! :)

  7. Just checking in on woooos, hope you are finding peace,


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